Loitering on Prairies

Last night we stopped at Winnipeg, which has a beautiful rotunda at the busiest station in Canada. Like Chicago in the USA, everything going across the country goes through the city. We were there for about an hour and a half, just about long enough to stretch legs especially as the temperature was a fairly benign -5°.

Some of the signage as we waited to re-board was a little confusing for my clients

By the time we awoke in the morning we were well into the prairies. It’s hard to describe the sheer size and emptiness of this area. The white clouds and snow covered ground stretch into infinity and the border between them blurs until you feel like you’re floating in space and time (sorry, getting a bit poetic there. I’ll get my coat).

A working breakfast today. Pancakes again, only because of the 🍁 Maple Syrup and toast with peanut butter. This is truly God’s breakfast
Prairie Buffalo herd

At the time of writing we’re in Saskatoon on a fuel stop and running about 3 hours late. This is pretty common. The railways here are all about Freight, not people and so freight has priority. We keep getting pushed into sodings while Freight trains push past. They are routinely 2 miles long and can reach 3 miles and up!

Timelapse video since in real life the freight train takes up to 10 minutes to go by and you have better things to do with your lives.

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