Verona, Valpolicella & Aquatic Naughtiness

A busy day yesterday! Over breakfast on the terrace I noticed two Grebes on the lake engaged in what might politely be called a courtship ritual. It featured much raising of crests, splashing and rising out of the water together and mutual presentations of fish and seaweed. It was rather sweet and I plan to try out the whole seaweed & fish thing with Mrs TimOnTheTrain when I get home.

We started at 11:00am on our coach journey to Verona. Near the bus stop was a spectacular display of Tulips and flowers, designed by the local school children of Sirmione.

Our visit to Verona started with an overlook of the city from the Santuario Nostra Signora di Lourdes.

Verona is possibly my favourite Italian city with a fascinating mix of architectural styles and an easy feel. I’ve put a gallery of images below. Dante spent a lot of time in Verona. I’m fascinated by his nine circles of hell. I’ve visited seven so far – just two more to go and I get the certificate and T-shirt.

Our day finished with a visit to the vineyard of Roberto Mazzi & Figli, where we had a tour and a tasting and then a rather fantastic rustic dinner. Two of my clients had birthdays yesterday so we had a cake with a firework. There was more wine, in several colours, and then some more but this time it was a really good red, and then there was some sticky dessert wine and then there may have been some grappa… I think. It all got a bit confusing somewhere along the evening and we had a short nap on the coach back to the hotel. We walked back to the hotel from the Castle Gate at Sirmione and it may have been beautifully lit up for the evening. I think…

Next excursion is Venice. I’ll keep you posted.

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