Dogs Now Mandatory in Venice

They’re not, but it sure feels like they might be! I have never been anywhere with as many mini doggies as Venice; tiny little things that fit in a handbag and enormous hounds. But they are just part of why we all love Venice. It’s the epic, cheerful, rolling chaos of the place. Dogs, kids, tourists, gondoliers, delivery men, nuns, waiters, seagulls, teenagers, beggars, business people, and all going about their business at maximum volume and at the same time in confined spaces. The Swiss must have heart attacks at the mere idea of the place!

Our travel to Venice today was on the baby sister of the FrecciaRossa, the FrecciaArgento. Fast, but not quiet as fast. And not quite as red so no Flying Tomato

We arrived in Venice Santa Lucia and jumped on our private motor boat for the short journey to near the Piazza San Marco where we were met by our local guide, Cinzia. She took us through the tiny backstreets before arriving at the Doge’s Palace. I took a selfie. I know, I know, but I hardly ever do and everyone else was.

The afternoon continued with a Gondola tour of the Rialto and the Grand Canal. This was kind of exciting because it was a first. Great Rail Journeys has been bringing clients to Venice for the longest time but have never before included a Gondola ride. I made sure to reassure my clients that most people survive and those that don’t never complain and this seemed to work quite well.

The traditional Tour Managers notepad took a hammering today. Need to wash that off when we’re back.

We’re on our way back to Sirmione now. Oddly, the train WiFi is faster than the hotel Wifi so I’m working against time to get this post uploaded before we arrive. There are rumours of a procession this evening in Sirmione to celebrate Good Friday (today) so if it’s any good I’ll get photos up when I can.

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