Isola Del Garda

Today we made an excursion to what is quite probably one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. Isola del Garda is a privately owned island in Lake Garda. The same family have been living there for hundreds of years. You can only visit if you have pre-booked, Not many people are allowed to. We made our way to the island on a private boat so we didn’t have to mix with the riffraff. I’ve put a gallery of photos below, so just take a moment to enjoy… we did.

This enormous doggy (one of two) is very friendly indeed and delighted to see visitors. However at night, he and his sister are released as guard dogs for the island. They are fed on careless and uninvited tourists. The diet seems to suit them.

Before returning on our private boat to Desenzano we gathered on the terrace for a glass of wine and Nibley things, because that’s just the sort of thing we do. Rude not to really.

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