Best of the Italian Lakes

That’s the name of my next Tour and I’m off again early Wednesday morning. We’ll be staying on Lake Orta at Orta San Giulio. Lake Orta is the smallest and most Westerly of the Italian Alpine Lakes. The best thing is, nobody knows it’s there. Lake Orta is peaceful and quiet and not as busy at her bigger sisters.

You may be getting confused about all these lakes (I am) after my two last Tours to lake Garda, so here’s a helpful little map of all of them (that’s me this time, on the left edge of the map).

From our lakeside base we’ll be making excursions to two of the other lakes, Maggiore and Como and a full day trip to see Milan. We also have a day on the famous Centovalli Railway from Domodossola to Locarno in Switzerland (mental note: Bring Passport).

So… I’ll be looking out for my favourite Italian cheeses and the finest Swiss chocolate. If only there was something that could make both at once!

Fully Mobile, Low-Carbon, Self-Sustaining, High Altitude Prototype Italian-Swiss Cheese & Chocolate Industrial Production Unit

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