Wow! The Best Day! (And Opera)

Long read but stick with me. We started early taking the train to the lovely walled town of Lucca (I love this place). For those that wanted we had arranged cycle hire on the pretty path on top of the city walls. This resulted in a lot of fun and giggles.

Lucca is mostly car free so my clients had a pleasant morning strolling and shopping (as you do.

After that, only one thing to do. Lunch al fresco. Rude not to really.

In the afternoon we continued on by local train to Pisa for a guided tour of The Field of Miracles The tower is still leaning and the whole place is still amazing.

Tired yet? We were getting so and some of my clients who had visited before returned to the hotel for a rest before the main event of the evening. Every year Montecatini hosts an opera festival. Its held in the beautiful Tetucci Spa in the park, about 8 minutes walk from our hotel. Luckily I know Maria Giulia who runs the festival and so I can get discounted front row seats for my clients.

All I can say is that once again it was an amazing night and we walked back to our hotel singing… Funiculi, Funicula!

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