I Like That Old Thyme Moroccan Roll

Todays music aint got the same soul…

Sorry about that – had to be done. Moving on… I’m off to Spain & Morocco on Monday at Zero-Dark-Thirty. I’ve picked up another short notice Tour, this time Magnificent Morocco & Moorish Spain. Spain should be straightforward. I speak the language and have been many times before. Morocco is a first for me and it’s going to be challenging as we move around quite a bit.

It’s also going to be quite, well… HOT!

It’s a small group of intrepid travellers for this one. I’ve spoken to them all on the phone and they’re all excited to be going.

What am I most looking forward to the most? It’s the sound of the call to prayer, arguably one of the most beautiful and haunting sounds anywhere on the planet. In Islamic tradition, Muslims are called to the five scheduled daily prayers (salat) by a formal announcement, called the adhan. I’m going to use this Tour to learn about the Islamic Faith.

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