Hearing this, some people think about football, others about the sagrada Familia. For some weird reason I got stuck with Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé. Clearly I am defective.

We had a bit of a tough journey to Barcelona yesterday. Things that should’ve turned up didn’t and things that should’ve been on time weren’t. But in the end we made it here, and woke up this morning to enjoy a guided tour of the city.

I know I’m a bit sad about this, but I just love Mediterranean food markets and Barcelona has one of the very best. I mean, just look at this produce. It just screams “cook me and eat me“. I’ve really missed Spanish food.

Since I mentioned it at the beginning, I suppose I had better provide a link to the Freddie Mercury thing. It is a monument to high camp silliness , and bad taste excess, and despite all of that remains great fun! Enjoy…

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