Fez hats are not from Fez

That’s what Mrs TimOnTheTrain told me, and I said she was wrong. She wasn’t she was right (again dammit!). They come from Turkey. Just thought I’d get that out of the way and on the record to start with.

Today we visited the Old Medina at Fez. It has been there, pretty much unchanged, since the ninth century. Just think about that for a moment. On the way we stopped at the Royal Palace where our local guide Mr Aziz (wearing his dishdash for the occasion) talked us through some of the things we may see, hear and smell during our visit.

There are over 2000 streets and alleyways in the Medina. No matter how small they are named in Arabic, Berber and French
… and in we went
We started in the food quarter where this lady was making a sort of filo pastry. The big black iron thing is very hot and the pastry sheet is placed on it to cook
The streets are too Winding and narrow for motor vehicles, so donkeys and mules are the transport of the day
We returned to the hotel and I relaxed with a pot of mint tea, which I have become addicted to

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