Random Morocco Stuff

Today is a travel day by train to Marrakech so I’m just publishing some random photos that don’t quite fit in else where .

Sheep – In a couple of weeks there is the Moroccan feast day of Eid al adha. This event involves slaughtering a sheep which means that everywhere you go people are selling, buying or transporting sheep. Surprisingly, the sheep seem pretty relaxed about the whole affair. This one was slipped in the back with the lady/wife/mother/whatever and will next be seen as cutlets!

Goats – I’m rather fond of goats. They are in general peaceful, useful and good natured creatures and you can’t beat a goat curry. This little herd turned up as we were looking out over Fes.

Goats in trees are kind of a thing in Morocco.

Distance – Morocco is huge. This is the rail network map inside the train. We thought we were covering quite a bit of the country but in fact we’ve been wandering around only the top quarter of the country, the bit where there are trains. From top to bottom is about 3,000 kilometres and using bus/train takes the best part of four days.

Desert – The North of the country is comparatively green. As you move South it starts to look a lot harsher. Here’s another one of my ‘Out of the back window’ videos taken between Casablanca and Marrakech.

Ok, that’s it for today. We’ve just arrived Marrakech. More tomorrow.

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