There’s a new girl in my life

Ain’t she sweet? Who could resist? She sidled up to me for a nuzzle, clearly deeply smitten, something which she celebrated with a poop while I was whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Never mind, you can’t have everything

A golden day today (quite apart from the new love in my life). We drove from Marrakesh into the fertile OurikaValley in the Atlas Mountains. It’s home to some of the Berber people who make a living growing just about anything.

On the way we visited a Berber family, several generations of whom live in a traditional dwelling that’s been there for ages. they made us very welcome with mint tea, freshly baked bread and home-made butter, olive oil and honey. It doesn’t get a lot better than this. I managed to get them to pose together for a photo that I’m rather proud of. She’s sitting with her great grandchildren.

From there it was back to Marrakesh for a visit to a cookery school where we all lined up in the kitchen with our ingredients, and under the watchful eye of our lady chef we cooked our own lunch. Chicken Tagine.

After eating the results (mine was very clearly the best 😁) we were awarded with our tagine Masterchef diplomas while enjoying mint tea. We’re all gonna be cooking this when we get home.

That’s pretty much it for this tour. My clients had a free evening today, and have a free day tomorrow to lounge by the pool or further explore Marrakesh at leisure. we have a farewell dinner tomorrow night, and then early Saturday morning fly back to the UK.

For those of you who have been following me throughout this tour, many thanks and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll have a week off and then I’m off to Norway, which will be something of a change. Until then, bye for now.

3 Replies to “There’s a new girl in my life”

  1. Hi
    Have really enjoyed this blog Tim. We visited Morocco about 10 years ago, independently. It was not one of our favourite holidays but your blog has really made us want to revisit, possibly with your company. We were with you on the Vietnam/ Cambodia trip just prior to Covid, that too was a great trip, thank you.

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    1. I remember you’re both well. In some ways there are similarities with Vietnam Cambodia, in that we have a local guide looking after us throughout the tour and that the baggage is often moved separately from the train in a bus. I think you both quite enjoy this one, and it’s less of a financial commitment. Alcohol is a little expensive here, so it will help if you dial it back to just the occasional beer. The real upside for me, is learning in some depth about Islam and how it is welded into the daily life of the activities of the population


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