Steam (and brown cheese) in Norway

I’m off again tomorow morning, this time heading to Oslo to lead Rail and Fjords of Norway for the Railway Touring Company.

All trains are good, but there’s something about steam, and I’m glad to be back steaming once more. I’m not sure if it’s the smell or the sound, but something about steam just makes me happy. We have a couple of private steam charters to keep the photographers happy, as well as a range of service trains, including the very scenic Oslo to Bergen route.

There are also some Fjord cruises, including the massive and astonishing Geirangerfjord. This fjord has a massive overhanging rock which, if it fell in the fjord would wipe out everybody and everything in the area, and for miles around. They monitor it very carefully with sensors and stuff, but nowhere near as closely as I monitor it when I’m there.

Scandinavia is expensive. The last time I took a tour to Sweden & Norway I found myself eating dinner alone in a hotel room one night – Cheesy Whatsits, a cucumber and supermarket salami slices; I had run out of money. This time I’m prepared. One thing that I shall definitely be bringing back home is the absolutely delicious Brunost cheese. It’s medium to dark brown, and you need one of those slicer things – but on toast it is sensational! Watch out for the blogs as I move aound Norway.

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