Steam in Bergen drizzle and a good deed

Bergen is famous as being the rain capital of Norway so today it wasn’t a surprise that the weather did it’s thing. Just for once, everyone in the UK is sweltering while I’m being mildly chilled which is some kind of justice I guess.

We visited the Gamle Vossebanen heritage railway for a private charter from Garnes to Midttun. They are fantastically friendly and enthusiastic volunteers and they went out of their way to make us welcome. We ran some false departures for our photographers and six clients got to ride in the cab between stations.

I did a good deed today. This couple are on holiday in Norway and come from Chile.

They saw the train stopped at Midttun and jumped out of their car. His Grandfather used to work on steam trains in Chile so they called him up on FaceTime to show him our train in Norway. I arranged for them to FaceTime from inside the loco cab to bring back memories. They were thrilled. This was technology at its’ very best. I did this not because I’m a nice guy but because I wanted God, and the Railway Touring Company to notice how good I am with South Americans so that they send me on the next South American tour that they operate. I need good will, some luck and divine intervention after I was allocated Peru/Bolivia but lost it during the pandemic. I also need all of you to book that Tour when it next runs and then demand that I be the Tour Manager, but we’ll work on that together in the future.

Norwegian is a strange language. I can’t quite work it out although it sounds melodic. Or it dies until they buy candy…

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