Zürich to Grindelwald

My clients arrived in Zürich last night from their various airports around the USA. I met them in the hotel lobby as they arrived, and then we had a welcome meeting so everybody could get to know each other (and me). After that we had a three course dinner before getting a good nights rest.

This morning we took the first of what will be many trains on our tour around Switzerland. we had three connecting trains on a journey from Zürich to Grindelwald, at the foot of the Eiger mountain.

This being Switzerland, our three connecting trains were on time to the minute. The reservation stickers for our seats on board showed that I become famous in Switzerland already.

The railway climbed, quite steeply at times, and the scenery began to change.

Eventually we pulled into Grindelwald, with our hotel very close to the station and the view now very definitely mountainous.

Tomorrow we travel by rail up the slopes of the Mountain to the Jungfraujoch, the highest station in Europe at 11,100 feet. Yup, there’ll be lots of photos to come. Here is the view from my hotel room, see you tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Zürich to Grindelwald”

  1. Love it! My clients are on this trip with you. Two of them are also my parents. Haha! Looks like you are all having a great time!


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