Gornergrat Railway (You really do want to see these pictures!)

What an amazing day. It started when two of my clients from Florida, Cynthia & Artemio Español woke up early to catch the sunrise on the Matterhorn. The resultant, remarkable series of photos makes the mountain glow like a molten gold ingot. Fabulous work Cynthia & Artemio! They are a little short of mountains in Florida so I guess they wanted to make the most of this one 😁

We walked to the station to catch the 10 o clock service to the top on the Gornergrat Cog Railway. I knocked out a quick video of the train journey to give you a feel. If you want to get a feel for how steep the climb is, turn your screen during the sideways angle to try and make the mountains level.

Up at the top, at about 10,000 feet the views were predictably memorable. You can see into Italy, and on a good day, France. I got roped into another selfie. I always offer to take a photo of my clients as couples – if not, they return home with pictures of each other, or other clients, but never the two together. They usually insist on taking one back of me, which is why this Tour has had so many selfie pix. It’s not vanity, really… well, not much at any rate.

Up at the top, there’s a little church. It probably doesn’t have the largest congregation in the world, but it’s always nice to see one.

Finally… I couldn’t resist sharing this. On a lamppost there was a small sign asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs. Astonishingly, there was actually a dispenser containing poop-bags so that you could do so. Think about it… some part of the local government is actually paying to provide and supply free poop-bags. In London, it would last about 10 seconds before being vandalized and stolen. All very Swiss!

Tomorrow, the world famous Glacier Express Line from Zermatt to Chur (Pronounced Koor, not Choor). Might find time for the odd photo as I recline on the Tour Manager velvet couch being being plied with Champagne and massaged and fed grapes by virgins. I may have that last bit wrong…

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