That’s a wrap

The header picture on this post was taken by one of my clients. It shows me staring, pensively out of the train window. Probably worrying whether we’ll make the next connection or not! I thought it captured something… What it is I’m not quite certain, but it’s something.

Last day of the Swiss tour today. We’ll all have dinner together tonight and then I’ll say goodbye to my lovely American clients. They’ve been a real tonic. Hugely enthusiastic, appreciative and keen to see as much as possible. It’s nice for me because it makes me feel that I’m doing something of value and worthwhile for them. British clients are a little more reserved, and occasionally I wonder whether they’re actually enjoying themselves.

Today we took the Gotthard panorama express train through the Gotthard tunnel i’m heading back into German Switzerland from Italian Switzerland. Superb customer service on board from Reinhard and his team.

The rail service stops at Fluelen where we transfer to a steam powered paddle boat for the last two hours of the journey.

Of all the Swiss things that I have seen in Switzerland, here is the most Swiss. There was a major storm two nights ago on Lake Lugano. Many branches and twigs fell in the water as a result. This little boat is there to vacuum them all up and crunch them down so that the lake stays nice and tidy. Nowhere else but Switzerland.

Home tomorrow. Five days off then Top To Toe Of Italy.

4 Replies to “That’s a wrap”

  1. Tim we were with you in China and had a great time and spent a while trying to get you to take a US tour that we wanted to do. Anyway we were unsuccessful and off on the Tracks of the Deep South tomorrow. Still very much hoping to go on one of your tours in future. Take care Tim

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    1. It’s a fabulous tour, you’ll love it. I always call it the music tour, but I’m not sure that GRJ likes me doing that. RCA Studio B and Sun studios were my favourite. If it’s not already included (I haven’t done the tour for four years) try and book seats online for the grand ole Opry in Nashville


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