Firenze & Siena And Rubbing A Wild Boar For Luck

We’ve been busy little bears since I last posted. We took the FrecciaRossa once again from Venezia to Firenze where we have settled in for a three night stay.

On arrival we followed our Local Guide on a walking tour of the city before some free time and then dinner in a local restaurant. Firenze is an impressive city. The wild boar bronze is next to the old market. You rub his nose for luck. Try doing that to the real thing and you’ll need to be lucky… very lucky. The hanging metal rings are on all the oldest buildings; they’re for tethering up your horse (as you do).

Today we took a little regional train to Siena and then back to Firenze. Siena is extraordinary. A city that has been architecturally frozen in the 16th century. Take away the power lines and occasional vehicle and it would still be perfectly recognisable to people from that time.

Siena is perhaps most famous for the annual horse race in August (on my bucket list) known as The Palio. To understand what happens I found a rather good video which I’ll share with you because I’m just that kind of fabulous sort of person.

Tomorrow, Pisa & Lucca. See you then. A Dopo

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