It’s My Lucca Day!

Short post today because it’s been really busy and I’m feeling a bit tired. We started the day with a regional train to Pisa where we had a guided tour.

Our progress was initially impeded by a demonstration, taking place on one of the main bridges across the river Arno. I’m not sure what it was about exactly. As far as I could tell, they wanted the Italian government to stop giving money to things that they don’t like and to start giving money to other things that they do like (presumably themselves).

We managed to hack our way through eventually, and continued on with our tour of Pisa. No surprises where we ended up!

I have to confess that I find the Instagram generation a little tedious. There’s been a sort of cultural shift that has passed me by almost completely. I spend my time trying to get photos of the places that I visit without other people being in the way. With the Instagram generation no picture is worth taking unless they are in the foreground. “This is me at the leaning tower“ and “This is me in Venice“. Apparently very little matters, except for the “Me” bit. You can see them all in the photo above, at the leaning tower being photographed in the same pose – pretending to push the tower over. The weird thing is they’re all doing it on the wrong side, in other words, the ‘pull’ side not the ‘push’ side. People are weird.

We travelled on the short train journey to Lucca, which I’ve posted about several times before, so just a couple of photos.

In Italy, lunch (pranzo) is a very serious business, and not just for people!

No Post tomorrow as we spend the day travelling by train to Rome. Full update the following day after our guided tour. G’ night John boy.

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