End Of The Line

today is the last full day of our tour to Alsace. Tomorrow we return to London via Paris on the Eurostar.

This morning we travelled up into the Vosges Mountains to visit our friends at The Abreschviller Forest Railway. Another friend, a Mallet locomotive runs along an old logging line. The scenery was beautiful in the morning sunshine and mist. We’re not sure what kind of coal he was burning, but the end result was a mass of steam and smoke.

Our bus driver, Kristian, took the opportunity to gather up some forest mushrooms, but since nobody could tell him whether they were poisonous or not, he left them behind.

And finally, Colmar. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi lived in Colmar. He is best known for designing Liberty Enlightening the World, commonly known as the Statue of Liberty. It was given as a gift from France to the USA in October 1886. There’s a smaller version on a roundabout on the main road into Colmar.

2 Replies to “End Of The Line”

  1. Got home on quiet roads by lunchtime – hope you all had a good journey back. Thanks Tim for a great tour, enjoyed it a lot. Cheers, Ron Sinclair

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