Today we visited the great barrier reef, courtesy of the highly polished and professional team at Quicksilver Cruises.

Our shiny metal boat took us out from Port Douglas to the reef. once we arrived, there was a large pontoon to which we moored, and from where a large number of activities were available. Snorkelling, SCUBA diving, a semi submersible glass bottomed boat etc.

Some of my clients took a helicopter ride out over the reef, and got these spectacular results. (with thanks to Bob & Sue for the photos).

Since I’m working, at least in theory, on this tour, it didn’t feel right to go splashing around in the ocean. It’s not a good look when on duty. Instead, I travelled on the semisubmersible and got these wonderful pictures of the coral.

This coral looks like a brain. I think it probably is a brain. It’s thinking carefully about how it’s friends can stab, bite, poison or eat me. It didn’t work. I’m still here.

We had a great day and I think my clients really enjoyed it. Tomorrow we fly to what used to be known as Ayers Rock, know known as Uluru (stress on the first not the second syllable). More blog and pix to follow then.

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