The Ghan

Today (yesterday actually) we started our journey on Australia’s most famous Rail Journey, The Ghan. It runs the full vertical height of Australia, from Darwin to Adelaide, stopping midway at Alice Springs, which is where we picked it up. From Alice to Adelaide is roughly 24 hours.

Before checking in we visited Anzac Hill in Alice Springs for some fine views over the township.

… and from Anzac Hill we headed off to check in at the station.

While waiting to board I headed for the front of the consist to see the locomotives. Even though our train is 901 metres long and weighs about 1,700 tonnes, only one of the diesel electric locos is needed. The other is a spare.

I took lots of photos but I’m not really that pleased with them. Here’s the problem. There’s an awful lot of Australia: most of it is empty, except for animals, and isn’t very photogenic from a moving train. You end up with lots of pictures of dirt going sideways. I’ve put a few of the better ones below, but I think this YouTube catches it better than I do.

About 10pm we stopped at Manguri. I’m not sure why there is a stop there since the nearest town is Coober Pedy, 25 miles away. But who cares? We stopped in the middle of nowhere, a bonfire was lit and after dinner drinks were served on trestle tables while we stared at the stars. Fabulous stuff.

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  1. I would like to do this, but again the Euro lottery would have to come up trumps – I like all your photos by the way.


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