New Season coming up soon (Monday)

The looooooooong Winter break is drawing to a close and I’m beginning to get ready for the start of what looks to be a busy 2023. You can find a list of the Tours blocked in so far on the What’s Coming Up? page of this website.

My first Tour is actually a Winter tour for the Railway Touring Company Highlights of Switzerland and I’m greatly looking forward to it. I last visited Switzerland in Summer 2022 with American clients so this time it will be fascinating to see the place under snow and to travel on these gorgeous trains through picture postcard scenery. I’ll be blogging my way round as always.

After an extensive interview, I have been accepted as a Tour Manager with Riviera Travel but because of the Tours that I have already been allocated with other companies, it looks as though I may not actually be able to start with them until 2024. When you work for several different Tour Operators you have to be very careful about what work you accept. If you accept a Tour and then hand it back because somebody else offered you something better then they tend to get a bit cross (unsurprisingly). At the same time, if you are offerred work you may have to accept it because it is, well… work. I can’t turn work down and leave huge holes in my schedule in the hope that another company comes up with something. The financial Bird in the hand vs in the bush etc. It’s one of the penalties of being self-employed.

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