An Excellent Day

Today was just great! Firstly, since you’re reading this, and I’m dictating it, that means I didn’t die in some terrible cable car accident. I think that’s a pretty good outcome, although of course opinions may vary.

Today we took the Rhaetian Railway from Chur to Arosa by private Pullman Coach. By private, I mean that we had two luxury coaches attached to the rear of the trains for our exclusive use, so the riffraff couldn’t join us. This is, of course, exactly as it should be, and I shall be informing Thameslink rail services of my requirements for all future, travel in the UK.

This wonderful railway, in my top five around the world, clings to the side of a very steep valley as it winds its way up to the ski resort of Arosa. at certain points the train twists in sharp loops, so you can see both ends from the middle.

Once we arrived at Arosa we had the cable car to the very top at 8,700 feet. There you find the famous Arosa bull, so I got a couple of selfies taken, one with a silly hat and one without. We were up at the very top of the cloud layer, so as the wind blew, the Sun kept breaking through, and we got tantalising glimpses into the distance.

I discovered two interesting things about cable cars. The first is that if you stand in the very middle, hold onto something tight, and think about cheese, then things don’t seem quite so bad. Secondly, if there’s a dog in there with you life just seems that bit better.

Tomorrow we take the Bernina line down to Tirano in Italy, our final full day on the tour, and one of my favouytrain rides Tonight is a free night for the clients, and me, and they are probably quaffing glühvine and enjoying fondue, which is why I’m writing this blog sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Chur waiting for takeaway Nachos. It’s a funny old life. 😁

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