Bernina or Bust

A great day today as we crossed over the Bernina Pass and made a lightning visit to Italy. As you do. We took two service trains on the Albula Railway from Chur to Pontresina via Samedan, crossing the Landwasser Viaduct, and then joined the Bernina Express through the pass to Tirano. We were well above the snow line for much of the journey and in a stiff breeze the temperature in Pontresina was well below the stated -14 degrees. The Bernina Express is my favourite of the major Swiss routes (and they give you free chocolates).

We were once again seated in our old friends, the private Pullman Coaches but this time with a lovely couple of crew members to serve us lunch and pastries. Thanks to Andrea & Magdalena for their Swiss charm.

Shortly before arrival in Tirano we passed through the famous circular viaduct at Brusio. The spiral shape is used by track engineers when a descent is too steep for the line to go straight. Here’s a short video of the loop.

When we get back to Chur this evening we’re having a last night dinner at an Italian restaurant and then back to Blighty in the morning. This is the last post for this Tour but I’ll be back at work somewhere else in about 10 days so don’t wander off too far. See you then and thanks for following me round Switzerland in Winter.

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