Assisi & Perugia

Last night we arrived in our lovely hotel, and as the sunset we could see the pretty walled town of Monteriggioni in the distance.

This morning we visited the Basilica of San Francesco (St. Francis) of Assisi.

I’m afraid I’m a little bit thin on photos today. This is the main entrance to the Basilica and you can just see in the middle of the photo a young lady bending slightly to stare at me. She is security and she’s about to tell me off quite firmly for taking photos inside which isn’t allowed. In trouble again! Sorry San Francesco.

Our guide was a Monk – yup, you read that right. He lives there and does whatever Monks do (I’m not quite certain) but fortunately part of his duties include acting as a guide for English speaking visitors. His name is Jerry and he is American which was, unexpected.

Afterwards we dropped into Perugia where we had lunch and some free time before a visit to a Chocolate Shop for a tasting. Perugia is Chocolate Central in Italy – It’s everywhere! Again, no photos which is good because you’ll never know how many I ate. I did buy 4 of the top of the range artisan truffles for Mrs TimOnTheTrain in the hope that she’ll forgive me for whateverI have done wrong while I am away. I’ll find out when I get back.

As always, the Italians decided to celebrate my return to their wonderful country by plastering my name all over the place. It’s very sweet of them to do so.

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