Treno Natura

Steam Day! Today we took the heritage steam train from Siena to Sant Angelo D’Asso.

Boarding was chaos, and everything that I love about anarchic life in Italy. Boarding the train were young, old, kids, dogs and a village music band. People were shouting, phoning each other, posing for photos, getting on the train, getting off the train again, dancing, getting confused on seat numbers, getting their panini out and generally doing all the crazy max volume stuff that makes Italy fun. Meanwhile the Fireman was loading the coal and we got ready to set off.

Of course the band came with us…

And I got a selfie…

In Sant Angelo D’Asso we grabbed some lunch and looked at some recently dug-up white truffles, I asked the Truffle guy where the Truffle dog was. Apparently the dog isn’t allowed in the shop anymore since he can’t contain his excitement and last time, ate half of them.

On the way home, a scenic photo stop.

Lastly, many thanks to our Local Guide Francesca. We had a number of logistical issues crop up today and without her help we’d have had a much more difficult day. Well done Francesca!

And it’s goodnight from him…

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