Florence & Pisa with a pig in focaccia (and wine… lots of wine)

Yesterday we visited Florence (Firenze) and today we visited Pisa. I’m sorry that there won’t be so much text in this post but I’ve been really busy on this Tour doing Tour Managery stuff. The stuff that they pay me all those millions for!

We were back on my old friend the Flying Tomato from Rome to Firenze and on a little local train for the journey to Pisa. Ive said it before, I know, but Italian trains are some of the best in Europe.

Here’s a gallery of photos from our days out. Let’s start with Florence where we enjoyed a guided tour before the afternoon as free time.

I love this bronze relief map of how the city looked in the 15th century.

For lunch I had a porchetta focaccia sandwich. Yes, that’s a whole pig waiting for me to get to it…

Today, Pisa was everything you expect. I got a bit artsy with the photos.

Our day finished with a visit to the beautiful Castello di Verrazano (that’s the same Verrazano that the Manhattan bridge is named after). We learned about their wine and had a fabulous dinner. With wine. Lots of wine. Right now we’re on the bus back to our hotel and we’re singing with Dean Martin to ‘That’s Amore‘. I’ll never get them up in the morning!

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