CT & V

That’s Cinque Terre and Venice to you.

We visited Cinque Terre, the five villages along the coast linked by ferry and rail. Our Local Guide Sara spent the day explaining the tough life of the people who lived there in the past and the difficulties of maintaining the area now that they are connected to the outside world. To live there you must need leg muscles like a racehorse!

From Cinque Terre we moved on to Venice. This is normally a pretty straightforward travel day but my luck ran out on this one and freight train derailment in Florence resulted in a complicated journey. After my adventures in Norway and Sweden earlier this year I’m thinking that Great Rail Journeys are beginning to get a bit twitchy when they see my number on caller ID. I imagine a klaxon sounding, voices saying “Oh God it’s him again” and people running into the toilets to hide or finding a last minute meeting to attend

We made it to Venice and today had a guided tour and then my clients had the rest of the day free to explore.

Gondoliers gossip
… and waiters wait. They look rather splendid but somebody tell them about shoe polish.

Tomorrow we transfer to Naples for a short stay in Sorrento. Should be a normal day but of course, if you want to make God laugh then tell him your plans (or her… you never know)

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