Hold your breath and here we go… Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano & Pizza Class… Phew!

Busy, Busy, Busy Boy. The header image above is my coffee break table in Positano. It has all the Tour Manager essentials. Ray-Bans, Clicker Counter and iced coffee. If I lose everything else I can still do my job with what you see

Yesterday we travelled by rail to Naples (Napoli) and then on to Sorrento where we stay for two nights. We had a brief familiarisation walking tour of Sorrento as the sun was setting.

After dinner among the Lemon groves we checked in and slept before… A cruise along the Amalfi coast, initially to Amalfi and returning via Positano. The weather Gods played nice.

Today is Sunday so both towns were full not only of tourists but also the locals. My clients had plenty of free time to explore both.

Most of why I love Italy was happening around us. Crowds, chatter, kids, dogs, music, boats, ice cream and people driving motor scooters through the middle of it all tooting the horn. For lunch I had freshly caught and fried anchovies while sitting on a wall. Since there was free time I snuck in a cheeky siesta for half an hour before the boat cruise back (no photos of that… it’s not a pretty sight).

Our day ended with a pizza making lesson. We made the dough but to be ready it has to rest for 24 hours so the second part of the class was a case of “here’s one I made earlier”.

As night fell I saw this wonderful picture and grabbed it. Tomorrow it’s Pompeii and then rail to Rome for the Vatican and the end of our Tour.

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