Tim grew up in both the USA and the UK and it was therefore no great surprise that he made an early decision to make a career in travel, and specifically airlines. He spent 35 years working as a Chief Purser for several airlines, as well as additional positions in both pilot and cabin crew management teams. He retired from flying in 2014, but the travel bug proved hard to resist and the role of a Tour Manager was an immediate attraction. Tim believes that “Rail travel retains a sense of adventure and excitement now missing from air transport, not to mention comfort; there is also a sense of distance and geographic and cultural change that you just don’t get when overhead, looking down.”

Tim has been married for 25 years to Tina and has two adult sons, Daniel and Tom; his dog Bailey takes him for a daily walk through the Bedfordshire countryside. His passions are all things Spanish, Cookery, West Coast Jazz, History, Apple computers and of course, helping others to enjoy the excitement of travel. In his remaining spare time, he teaches English as a foreign language to foreign pilots and air traffic controllers.

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi due to go on Puglia tour in June although likely to be cancelled due to covid- just read your blog very interesting and funny.


    1. Hi Alison – June is certainly under threat, but not written off yet! Many Med countries such as Italy badly need the Tourist € to recover and I believe that they’ll be doing anything that they can to get us back. Hang in there, we’re getting close 😁 (and thanks for the lovely feedback)


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