Trondheim (and a Random Norwegian Goat)

Today, after a really massive breakfast we enjoyed a guided walking tour of the rather pretty city of Trondheim with our local guide, Brice (pronounced ‘Breese’ – nothing in Norwegian is pronounced as it might be expected to be by English speakers). The weather was sunny and a brisk -1 degree and after my nagging everybody remembered their ice grippers for footwear.

Near the railway station I saw this billboard. This has to be the most Norwegian thing possible – Nordic beauty, looks like she’s been running up mountains and she’s accompanied by a goat. I’ve no idea what is being advertised here, but it sure looks fun.

We visited the Nidaros Cathedral and some clients went inside. One of them, Teresa Forey took these remarkable photos.

Our walking tour concluded and my clients have a free afternoon and evening to enjoy the fleshpots of Trondheim. For those that were interested, I set up a round trip journey on the Grakallbanen Tram. This 1 mtr gauge tramway opened in 1924 and is the most Northerly tramway in the world. This being Saturday, there were quite a few skiers headed up to the top at Lian.

You can view our journey on the video below as we descend from Lian to central Trondheim. The journey is 20 minutes but I’ve sped it up to take 90 seconds (ish).

Tomorrow we take the long distance train from Trondheim to Bodø (no, it’s pronounced ‘Boooodaaah’ – see what I mean?). Until then… G’night Jon Boy.

5 Replies to “Trondheim (and a Random Norwegian Goat)”

  1. So enjoyed details of this tour. Hannah is my daughter. So delighted for her to be touring in a place no one in our family has yet been. her First real travel adventure. We live in Colorado and noticed one upcoming tour is right here. Have ridden many of the RR you are featuring. Safe and GBYAKY
    Cheers! Suzy Heavrin

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    1. Why thanks Suzy. She’s a nice girl and I’d say you’ve done a pretty good job there raising her. I’d travel with her again any time and the rest of the group like her too!


      1. A very high compliment for Jack and myself. Hoping this travel excursion has a renewed perspective and direction for Hannah. We are so pleased with her. Thanks for your guidance on this tour. She is in awe of the scenery !


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