Madrid, Salamanca & Ham

We’ve had a busy couple of days, so this is going to be one of those posts that is heavier on photos that on text. That’s because I’m pretty tired and I have an early start tomorrow morning and a complicated day to organise.

We started in Madrid, and we enjoyed a guided tour of the cathedral and the Royal Palace

Lunch (and wine) were, of course, included as a typical Madrid restaurant.

My clients had a free evening in Madrid after all this which is quite useful. They can rest up and get some sleep to help them recover from the time change.

All of that was yesterday. Today, we took our first train journey from Madrid to Salamanca which is one of my favourite cities in Spain. Not only is it beautiful, but it enjoys the presence of the oldest continuously running university in Europe, which was originally started in the year 1218.

The famous battle of Salamanca took place nearby during the peninsula war in the 19th century. The combined armies of Britain, Portugal and Spain gave Napoleon a serious defeat, and an image of the victorious Duke of Wellington is still in place in the plaza mayor.

Finally, it was good to see that the storks have returned for the summer and made their nests in all the usual places.

Tomorrow we cross the border into Portugal and take a short river cruise along the river Douro before continuing on to the coast and the city of Porto. Until then, “good night, John boy”, or as they say here “Buenas noches Juanito”.

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